The StoreCube - Self-Storage Made Easy

15 四月 2014

As Business Boomers: Real Storage Wars made abundantly clear on BBC2 last night, the ability to throw things away is becoming a rare talent in the UK. In the last thirty years, self-styled, self-storage entrepreneurs have emerged in the business world to make a fortune out of empty space.

The economic crisis had virtually no influence over the financial trajectory of self-storage with the annual turnover for the self-storage business now at around the £500m mark.

Gargantuan self-storage facilities are appearing all over Britain's industrial landscape like monolithic Lego blocks and customers are climbing over each other to fill them to the rafters with a balanced mix of treasured possessions, mementos and stuff that's just too darn big to keep at home.

Real Storage Wars interviewed the movers (no pun intended) and shakers in self-storage to discover how the boom came about and revealed how they took advantage of the nation's changing attitude towards personal belongings. But what we at Seven Seas Worldwide found interesting was that these assured self-made millionaire founders were all missing something that could be doing wonders for their business: the chance to do a little bit extra for the customer that would put them head and shoulders above the competition.

The one factor that the big storage firms all have in common is that they don't collect your items from your address. Imagine not having to worry about transporting your stuff to the storage facility. Imagine instead the storage firm picking up your personal belongings via a trailer and transferring it direct to the facility. Well, that's all you can do; imagine.

Luckily, Seven Seas Worldwide has adapted its successful MoveCube service to suit the needs of the storage customer. Introducing the StoreCube!

The StoreCube provides so much more than a regular self-storage firm. First of all, we send you boxes and packing materials ourselves. And guess what? They're free! Once all your items are packed into boxes, we will send a StoreCube to collect them from your home address and deliver them to the nearest Seven Seas Worldwide storage facility. We will take a single payment of £84 for this collection and charge nothing on top of that until you arrange the date of your return. We also have a text message service which will alert you to our arrival for collection. Now how does that sound? A little bit better than our competitors, we're sure you agree.

If you're looking for storage, avoid the companies too big to be personal. Get in touch now and find out more about what a StoreCube can do for you. They're brilliant for student storage as well, by the way, and you can save a bundle if you store a bunch of stuff with your mates.

海运门到门- 我们已全面覆盖了

18 二月 2014




我们非常骄傲地告诉你我们的所有服务都是门对门的服务, 包括行李托运(以及国际搬家....其实无论你想用任何方式寄任何东西去任何地方)全世界任何地方都行。我们的门对门服务是我们的竞争对手无法媲美的。如果你咨询我们的竞争对手公司,他们会大量的吹嘘他们的服务有多么多么的专业,他们的收件车有多么多么的闪亮,可是当你问问他们能否用他们的车把你的东西送到机场或者港口然后你自己去提取时,他们就哑口无言了,因为他们没办法帮你把东西送到你需要的这些地方。


好了,不说搬家了再说你就又会陷入思乡之苦了,说点开心的吧。如果你想去澳大利亚度假,发现这件衣服专门沙滩穿,那件衣服专门登山穿, 哦还有这个水瓶要随身带,哦,还有帐篷可以野外露营,哦,还有单车也想带,怎么办呢,都装不下了。没关系,只要你提前通知七海国际,我们就可以把你所有想要带去的东西都运到你的度假地址门外。而你只需要带一个小小的登机箱外带一部 ipad 或者杂志,好好享受在飞机上边吃边看吧。而且你再也不需要排在队伍后面拼命诅咒前面的人带那么多行李箱浪费全部人的时间(当你跟前面的人四目相对时,又要表现出不在乎的优雅的微笑-多难受); 你再也不用担心高额的隐藏收费,再也不用拖着沉重的行李箱穿梭在整个机场了。多么轻松,想想都醉了。



The Best Holiday Deals Around (So Far)

29 一月 2014

That's it. We've had enough of the grim weather: Flooding, high winds, torrential rain - it's just too much. So to cheer ourselves up and hopefully you too, we've compiled a list of the best holiday deals around if you're thinking about getting away soon. And if you need a hand with excess baggage, don't forget, Seven Seas Worldwide are experts in international shipping.

First off, have you ever thought about Dubrovnik? Okay, you won't be escaping to a tropical climate but as Dubrovnik is located on the Adriatic coast, it enjoys milder winters and February is noticeably warmer than the UK. Plus, you can get some great deals right now flying out from London, with prices starting at £65.

Freedom Asia are offering a 9 night trip to Bangkok and Koh Samui for only £349. After sampling the unique Bangkok night life for 2 nights, you will then be transported to the idyllic island of Koh Samui, Thailand's second-largest island after Phuket, to spend the rest of your vacation. Seven Seas Worldwide offers a comprehensive door-to-door service to Thailand, so if you end up facing a trip back home with one or two gifts from the Bangkok street markets that you can't pack in your luggage, talk to us about shipping your belongings back home.

Fancy a break to Fuerteventura for only £299? Tour Center can fly you to the Globales Costa Tropical Apartments for 8 days of sun, sea and savings. Or if you're looking for an all inclusive break with 5 star treatment, take a look at the offer from Broadway Travel which will send you and your family to the Diamond Hill Hotel in Alanya, Turkey. For 7 nights at £299, you will be enjoying ultra all inclusive treatment at the Diamond Hill, a waterfront high-rise establishment offering breathtaking views and sumptuous architecture (check out their glass elevator).

And finally, for just £399, you and your partner could be flying off to the five star Radisson Blu Resort in Sharm el Sheikh, a stunning location situated on the shore of the Red Sea courtesy of a1 Travel. You've not got long - the deal lasts until the end of the month.

If you're planning on a trip abroad for half-term or beyond, remember to talk to Seven Seas Worldwide about shipping your belongings door-to-door. With our unbeatable rates and an efficient service, the convenience of flying light and leaving your stuff with us is the perfect option for the seasoned holidaymaker.

Don't Buy This Stuff (7)

14 一月 2014

Yes we're back with our pick of what not to buy for your next holiday. Seven Seas Worldwide is one of the world's leading excess baggage companies with bases everywhere including in the UK, USA, Australia, China and Malaysia, so we know a thing or two about what you need for a successful journey abroad. And you don't need any of this.

First up is the Motion Sensitive Portable Travel Alarm. If you're worried about your belongings going walkabout in your hotel room, this bizarre little contraption offers peace of mind (for only 22 of your US Dollars). Simply tie it to any door knob or window handle and any unscheduled manhandling will be received with an ear-piercing woop-woop and flashing LED light. It's ideal for those who have trust issues, who don't mind setting it off accidentally (a requirement of all alarms) and are okay with buying one alarm for each door and window in their room.

Next up is the Kyjen Pet Travel Carrier. For just $60, you can carry your miniature canine around as if it were an ugly hairy baby. Your dog is envious of your dynamic lifestyle and wants to be with you all day long to share in your journey - both literal and metaphorical. The Kyjen Pet Travel Carrier provides the perfect answer to strapping your pet to your chest so that it feels like it's part of you - rather than a dog that does normal things like go for walks and take naps.

If you have enough money left over after hastily purchasing the last two options, may we introduce the Switchblade Travel Chopsticks. These certainly are the coolest-looking chopsticks we've seen. However, who wants cool chopsticks? Whoever asked for cool chopsticks? We may be a little presumptuous here but if you go to a restaurant where the food requires chopsticks, you should find chopsticks are provided. You don't need to whip out your own stainless steel ones like some sort of culinary James Bond. But hey, they're only $19.

The tagline for our next offer, the Washweiser Wash Bag, is 'take the party vibe into your bathroom'. Yes, for only £10, you can make friends think you've resorted to drinking lager in the bath. Does it get any better?

Finally for this blog, we have the iSafe Anti-Doze Detector. Priced at just under £6, this is a device you hook behind your ear that detects when you nod off at the wheel. If your head reaches a 15 degree angle, a 'gentle alarm' will sound, telling you it's time to take a break. Ideal for the next time you find yourself chatting to a social media marketing manager.

A Gift for the Baby - Our New MilkMail Service

02 一月 2014

We at Seven Seas Worldwide are proud to announce that we can now ship baby milk powder to China. We've given this the name "MilkMail".

So what does MilkMail do and how can it help you?

Good questions. Well, if you live in the UK and you want to send milk powder to an address in China, we offer an affordable and stress-fee way of doing it. We've designed special boxes just for the job and we're very excited about them. Well, as excited as you can be about boxes.

We're calling them 'Mail Boxes' and they can hold up to 6 tins of baby milk powder with a maximum weight of 6 kg. You are only permitted to send one Mail Box per shipment. Sorry, it's the rules. Once ordered, your box will be sent by air with a transit time of 14 days.

Seven Seas Worldwide has a strong base in China and has spent nearly twenty years delivering and collecting items there. We're one of the most trusted shipping companies in the world for sending personal belongings and excess baggage to China, so if you want to get milk powder sent to China now, there's only one company to talk to.

This is what happens: similar to our regular excess baggage service, we'll deliver an empty Mail Box to your address for you to load with the milk powder of your choosing. Make sure you do it safely, securely and don't exceed the maximum weight limit otherwise that'll cause unnecessary delays (as opposed to the necessary kind). Then we'll turn up again to collect the Mail Box and send it, door-to-door, overseas to China.

That's pretty much it. And to top it off, we've got a special introductory rate of £45 per Mail Box. Amazing. Get going with your own milk powder export today.