You Pack the Boxes - We'll Do the Rest

13 十二月 2013

A lot of shipping and moving companies will insist on packing your boxes as part of the service. Some will tell you that unless they pack your boxes, your goods will not be insured and could be seized by customs which is not true at all. As long as your inventory corresponds with the content of the boxes, there should be no delays. And as for insurance, Seven Seas Worldwide offers 'All Risk' and 'Total Loss' shipping insurance policies that remain unaffected by the choice of box-packer. So that's cleared that up.

Seven Seas Worldwide provides the boxes and the packing materials; it's up to you to pack to your specifications. We feel this is the best way because the only person who really knows where their items belong is you. Hey, we do our best to help you along - our boxes are chemically-hardened to withstand long journeys and our parcel tape, marker pens and bubble wrap are top quality too. Oh and they're free.

Always remember not to overload our large boxes with heavy items and to evenly distribute anything weighty across several of our standard boxes. Large boxes are best for clothes, towels, linen, that sort of thing, whereas standard boxes are better for books, mugs and various household ornaments including that glass thing you got on holiday that has sentimental value but little else going for it. We've provided guides on how to pack bags, parcels and quite a lot else. They're more interesting than you might think.

You can order as many boxes as you want with Seven Seas Worldwide. Any you don't use can be handed back to the driver when they come to collect your packed boxes. Just keep them in good condition. We recommend ordering more boxes than you think you'll need because it's better to have too many than not enough, right? No matter how much you deny it, you will always have more junk than you think. Sorry, not junk - precious possessions.

So there you go. Pack as well as you can and leave the rest to us. We can ship virtually anywhere in the world, door-to-door. We're one of the best. Give us a call today or get a free online quote right now. Go on, we dare you.

A Little Bit Over - Managing Your Excess Baggage

05 十二月 2013

Last month, the Telegraph reported that Britons spend £340m a year on excess baggage fees. That's a lot of money for an extra hat or a jumper in case it gets chilly on the beach.

A recent poll of British holidaymakers revealed that one in five had been hit by an excess baggage charge at the airport with 31% of those polled admitting to removing items at the airport to avoid being charged. A quarter also revealed that they would spend over £30 on clothing while abroad due to under-packing.

It's clear that in a lot of cases, the British holidaymaker is a little unbalanced - luggage-wise. Packing can be stressful and this will sometimes lead to rash decisions over what to leave in and what to leave out. This, in turn, leads to the embarrassing spectacle of the holidaymaker on their hands and knees, scratching their heads over an open suitcase as if it were a logic puzzle.

Many travellers are unaware of the companies in place to help them avoid such awkward and financially-troubling scenarios. And without wishing to blow our own trumpet (though it is a nice trumpet and it'd be a shame not to blow it), one of the most popular is Seven Seas Worldwide.

Seven Seas Worldwide is an excess baggage company; it's what we do. If a holidaymaker so chooses, he or she can store extra clothes (or any other holiday item) into our free boxes and leave it to us to send them ahead to their holiday destination, virtually anywhere in the world, door-to-door. In fact, if the holidaymaker wishes to be really smug- Sorry, sensible, they can leave Seven Seas Worldwide to transport all their baggage, door-to-door. Imagine breezing through the airport with just hand luggage, a book, a bottle of water and nothing to check in. Sounds sweet, doesn't it?

Seven Seas Worldwide offers a range of services so that checking-in doesn't have to be a chore. If you're off on a trip soon, get in touch or grab a free online quote. Better that than end up paying the airline to ship it for you. Cheeky airlines.

Turning a Household Removal into a Spring Clean - Getting Rid of Stuff

30 十一月 2013

Readers of the Telegraph may have chanced upon this article by Ed Cumming a couple of weeks ago about the trauma associated with helping your loved one move house - principally the girlfriend. Though it is a little late to highlight where Ed went wrong, we thought it worth letting him know that a simple chat with Seven Seas Worldwide would have alleviated his bed pillow-based suffering.

At Seven Seas Worldwide, we offer a service called the MoveCube, a container of varying sizes which turns up at your front door on a trailer. Once you've packed it to your specifications, we'll take it away again and transport it to your new address. Now the MoveCube is no removals lorry but if you want to downsize - or force your partner to - our creation is the perfect answer to self-discipline. If there's no room for that third box of scented candles, perhaps you should leave them behind.

The problem with moving house is that although it often promises a new and exciting chapter in one's life, it's also a pain in the neck and inflicts staggering levels of stress at every stage. If it wasn't for this, we'd probably afford ourselves the time to have a good look through our possessions and perhaps be a tad more ruthless about what we take on the journey. As it is, we box up and push out because we haven't the time to be so studious.

However, moving home is the perfect time to have a good old spring clean. And there's nothing more therapeutic than unravelling a roll of black bin liners and getting around a dozen bulging by lunchtime. The MoveCube compels you to be sensible. Unlike a dirty great removals lorry which invites you to chuck stuff in the back as if it were a skip on wheels, the MoveCube teases out the inner-Tetris player. We'll send you free, chemically-hardened cardboard boxes to help you pack your items successfully and safely. After that, it's up to you to position them as best you can in the MoveCube. The feeling of satisfaction will be palpable as your snazzy white MoveCube drives away, bound for your new home and new life.

So, Ed, should the time come when you and your girlfriend move in together, remember to do it with a MoveCube. Oh and if you mention us, we'll throw in a free Seven Seas Worldwide bed pillow.

Taking the Edge Off at the Airport

14 十一月 2013

Everyone loves to travel. Well, except hermits. But I'm sure even hermits secretly yearn for a stylish ski excursion to Graubunden or a three star jolly to Cancun. However, there's one thing that unites us travellers; airport fatigue. Whenever we plan a break, we always take into account the necessary queuing, stressing and general confusion associated with passing through an airport to board a plane.

Luckily, there are companies out there who try to reduce the stress as much as possible. For instance, the nightmare of taking your own vehicle to the airport has been eroded significantly in recent years thanks to airport parking companies. How I wish I'd had that idea - parking just outside the chaos and then transported to the airport in a bus. Why, it seems so simple - kind of like wheels on a suitcase; we had wheels and suitcases for centuries before someone hit upon the obvious notion that the two could be brought together in a glorious union. Anyway, I digress.

APH or Airport Parking and Hotels is leading the way when it comes to stress-free transition from your car to the airport. They own sizeable airport parking locations at Gatwick, Manchester and Birmingham airports and provide airport parking at other airport destinations in the UK as well as Southampton and Dover ports. They also cater for passengers staying in airport hotels. This is probably why they've won the British Travel Award for Best Airport Parking, five years in a row.

They've got it sewn up, basically. But this is because they're so reliable. Knowing APH is looking after your car as you explore another culture/sit by the pool reading the new Stephen King, is a comforting thought and the team at APH come highly recommended from this blogger.

To be precise, wheels have only been on suitcases for the past 26 years. Before then, human beings were humping their enormous cases around the airport and thinking "Well, I'll guess there will never be an obvious solution staring me in the face to end this torment." Silly human beings. However, since then, we've made up for lost time with all manner of dynamic wheeled suitcase designs for the seasoned traveller.

One of the most successful in this business is Direct Luggage, who supply the highest quality and most affordable travel luggage around. However, they don't stop as just suitcases, you know. In fact, if you need luggage for business (laptop bags, briefcases), flight accessories (travel adaptors, wash bags), backpacks, wallets and purses, Direct Luggage are the folks to do business with.

If you're slightly embarrassed by the clunky and battered piece of luggage that bumbles it's way round the airport carousel before reaching your outstretched arm, take a peek at the Direct Luggage website for recognisable brands and designer names, from Samsonite and Carlton to Lulu Guinness and Visconti. There are some excellent deals to be had here, so have a peruse today. Oh, and if you end up with too much stuff to carry then don't forget we can ship it for you with our outstanding excess baggage service. Just saying.

Yes, the trip through the airport will always be an arduous one but if you've had a smooth journey to the airport and are buoyed by the brand spanking new suitcase you're holding, you will find the edge taken off somewhat. In the past, something that only duty free Toblerone could do.

How To Unpack

11 十一月 2013

We noticed a small article in the Telegraph last week by Oliver Pritchett about the problem of unpacking after a house move.

A week after moving and Mr. Pritchett claims to be still knee-deep in wrapping paper after overly-cautious removal men sought to give every item a dozen layers. He also blames them for putting items in boxes marked for other items and for putting virtually anything in the box marked 'last minute' (such as a lemon and a pot of flowers).

At Seven Seas Worldwide, we don't just concern ourselves with getting those big old containers on the ships; we're also here to make sure your total experience with us is a rewarding one. That is why we leave the packing to you. We don't get involved in that business because, ultimately, you're the one who know what's best for your stuff. However, we do provide top quality boxes and packing materials free of charge so that you start off on the right foot.

At this stage, our advice on how to pack would not to be vague when writing on the boxes - after all, what does 'last minute' mean anyway? Anything could be in that box and by the time it arrives at your new home, you will have forgotten anyway. Be precise about the room where the box will be going and perhaps list a few of the items too if you've got time. If there's a system in place at the beginning of the journey, there will be a system at the end too.

Perhaps a more useful box would be one marked 'first minute'. This would be filled with things you need as soon as you arrive such as tea and coffee-making facilities, toiletries, cutlery, a corkscrew (optional), and other similar items of urgency. The reassurance of having these items around you will also give you the boost you need mentally to see through the arduous task of unpacking.

Another valuable piece of advice on how to unpack well would be to use a delivery method that demands order. For this, we recommend the MoveCube which just happens to be the creation of Seven Seas Worldwide. For those unaware of this revolutionary option in relocation, the MoveCube is a container on a trailer that comes to your home. All you have to do is load it with your boxes. After a few hours, we'll take it away again to drop off at your chosen destination, door-to-door. Pretty nifty, yes?

But the MoveCube requires focus and planning. You can't just throw stuff on the back of it as if it were a rag and bone cart. Everything needs to be packed carefully so the space in the MoveCube can be utilised successfully. Once you've done a thorough job of loading the MoveCube at your old address, the process of unloading it at the other end will be a most rewarding one.

Mr. Pritchett intends on hiding in the cupboard under the stairs until the unpacking chaos has dissipated. Little does he know that with a MoveCube, he could have been in his slippers and relaxing in front of the ten o'clock news within hours of picking off the first stretch of parcel tape. Don't make the same mistake and give us a call instead the next time you're moving house.