When the Sea Isn't Required

06 十一月 2013

Despite the expansive-sounding name, Seven Seas Worldwide doesn't just send items overseas. No, we're here for the smaller trips. Let's say you want to move to another city, another town, or even just one street along, Seven Seas Worldwide is here to assist. After all, a move is a move and distance has nothing to do with stress.

Our service for the smaller trips is called 'Mini Moves'. The same network is in place to ensure a safe and smooth delivery but as there are no enormous container ships involved in the journey, you'll get your boxes much sooner. As with the overseas shipping orders, we will send you free boxes, bubble wrap and a big marker pen for all your packing needs. We want you to do a good job, you see. Then we'll return to collect your packed boxes and whisk them away to your chosen destination, door-to-door.

Now we can either collect your boxes and put them in the back of one of our vans or, if you're moving a significant amount of personal belongings, you can hire a MoveCube to do the job. In case you're not aware of our highly successful service, the MoveCube is a container which arrives at your door on a trailer. And very snazzy it looks too. Once the MoveCube has been filled to suit your needs, we'll take it away again and park it outside the door of new home for unloading. It's a great idea and is proving very popular with customers all over the world. (Also, I thought of the name. Yes, I did.)

In addition to this, we also offer a much more affordable alternative to the service of storage companies. If you've ever used a storage company, you'll know it never feels particularly comfortable to be throwing large quantities of cash at someone who's just keeping an eye on your stuff. Seven Seas Worldwide provides a cheaper solution in the form of a collect and store option as part of its relocation service. So let's just say for example you're moving out of one home but your transfer to the next won't be immediate - there's a bit (or a lot) of wait time before you can move in. Not a problem; just let us store your boxes for you until you're ready to have them redelivered. It couldn't be simpler.

Of course, you might not be moving at all. You might just be sending a load of DVD box sets back to your friend who demanded their return. And fair enough really, you've had that season of Breaking Bad for nearly a year. Whatever the situation, Seven Seas Worldwide is here to help. Give us a call or get a quote today via our online quote engine to find out more.

Don't Buy This Stuff (6)

16 十月 2013

It's been a while since we've put together a list of travel items you absolutely shouldn't buy. So here we are. In the past, we at Seven Seas Worldwide, your trusted experts in international shipping, have been quite straightforward with you - if you buy any of the featured items from this series, you probably need a close friend or a therapist to disconnect you from your laptop and teach you about personal finances.

However, this time we've found some reasonable purchases for your next journey abroad. We say 'reasonable'; they're still essentially luxury items you could spend your whole life being untroubled by, but they're not as ludicrous as that 'tent-in-a-coat' thing whatever it was.

So here goes.

Do you wear contact lenses? Are you forever looking for a suitable place to store them? Oh you have disposables. I see. Well, ignore this bit then. Introducing the Glasses Contact Lens Case. Shaped like a pair of retro black wayfarers, this novelty item is perfect for looking after those sadistic discs of irritation that made me fork out for laser eye surgery some years ago.

Continuing the optical theme, those purveyors of quality goods, "I Want One of Those" have brought out the Immortal Camcorder Sunglasses. Quite what makes them 'immortal' is unclear. I'm sure if I stamped on them enough times, this selling-point would be a hollow one. Nevertheless, the Immortal Camcorder Sunglasses are like a primitive version of Google Glass in that they allow you film people without them knowing. Naturally, we at Seven Seas Worldwide do not condone this behaviour and believe it to be both reprehensible and a bit creepy, so just stick to holiday vids, please. Also, we must make a quick note of the wonderfully retro word 'camcorder' in the name. It conjures up images of those VHS things you had to perch on your shoulder.

Next is the handy language-in-a-pocket device, the Franklin 12-Language Global Translator. Yes, according to Time Magazine's list of must-have travel purchases this year, there's still room in the market for an electronic translator. However, it appears to me like the sort of contraption a city boy from 1987 would have balancing on top of his Filofax as he drove his Porsche 924 to a wine bar to have some other 1980s cultural reference.  But you know, it could be handy I guess.

And now, from Reef comes the Stash Sandal, a fashionable piece of footwear that can also conceal your valuables in the sole. Of course, the popularity of such an item will just mean thieves go straight for the sandals.

But that's for a future blog post.

Oh, and if you do load yourself (and your suitcases) down with all this sort of stuff, don't forget we have a first class excess baggage service that will help you get it from A to B. Or B to C. Or wherever.

Wait One Minute - What Is It We Actually Do Again?

09 十月 2013

Good question. A lot of people don't know what we actually do, except for those who think we're the cod liver oil people. Let's get one thing straight - we're not the cod liver oil people. They're called 'Seven Seas'. We're called 'Seven Seas'. Okay? We hope that's cleared things up.

So what do we do exactly? We talk about travel and worldwide shipping and the like but when all is said and done, what is the task we get out of bed to perform each day?

Well, look at this way (although there are other ways of looking at it, but we'll look at those other ways later), you're packing for a holiday and find you're not going to manage everything. Perhaps you've packed one suitcase too many or there's something you absolutely have to take because the holiday requires it, such as a set of golf clubs or a surfboard. That's where we come in as one of the leading excess baggage companies in the world.

We'll send one of our drivers to your door to drop off free boxes and packing materials, you pack your belongings to your specifications, then our driver turns up again to collect the boxes and take them to your chosen destination. We can do this for every piece of luggage you have, of course. Imagine breezing through the airport with just hand luggage, safe in the knowledge every suitcase will be waiting for you at the other end. Sounds sweet, doesn't it?

Well, that's what we do.

Of course, there's more to it than that. Shipping people's stuff around the world is a complex business but we don't want to bore you with the details. We want to dazzle you with the exciting stuff. That's what this blog is for. If you want to get in touch with our international shipping team to see how they can help, give them a call today or get an instant online quote which is even simpler.

Interminable 5 - Baggage Problems Mean Planes Leave Heathrow Without Passengers

26 九月 2013

Oh dear. It seems there are problems at Heathrow Airport Terminal 5 today. Travellers have been unable to check in their baggage due to a computer problem.

The problem has been sorted (thank you, IT department) but now the backlog has to be dealt with, with thousands of passengers unable to catch their flights and trying to rebook. It seems the planes left on time with far more empty seats than normal. Since the unfortunate start in 2008, T5 has had an impeccable record up till now. However, this is what happens when an enormous machine experiences a computer error.

Luckily Seven Seas Worldwide provides the solution. Why check in baggage in the first place? Why not have someone send it abroad for you? Seven Seas Worldwide can collect your items at your front door and transport them to virtually anywhere else in the world. No more baggage checks, no more queues, no more potential computing disasters.

See what our excess baggage service can do for you today.

Excess Bother - Why Don't British Airways Want to Check Your Bags?

20 九月 2013

Are you a seasoned traveller? Oh good. Hello. In which case, you may have heard the news that British Airways is abandoning free baggage allowances on certain European routes. If you check in a bag, you’re going to have to cough up.

This is part of British Airways’ stealth campaign to convince us that travelling light is better for everyone. It’s better for us because it’s cheaper and it’s better for them because it means shorter queues and less time spent in the loading bay. From September 24th, if you only have hand luggage for a number of key domestic and European destinations, you will be rewarded with a £10 discount. The destinations are Edinburgh, Glasgow, Paris, Rome, Stockholm, Rotterdam, Amsterdam and Barcelona.

Of course, it’s not only BA who have introduced little caveats to encourage light travel. EasyJet and Ryanair have long had extra baggage charges in place leading some travel critics to accuse BA of transforming itself into just another low-cost carrier.

There’s no denying a trend is growing among airlines to deter passengers with excess baggage because to them, excess baggage means excess bother. This is where Seven Seas Worldwide comes in.

We’ve been shipping internationally for nearly twenty years and know a thing or two about sending excess baggage all over the world. If the airlines don’t want it; we’ll take it. We can send your personal belongings door-to-door virtually anywhere in the world, so you don’t have to pay the extra charges at the airport.

Bit of a no brainer, really, if you want to travel with more than one bag. Give us a call, or grab an instant online quote. Go on. You know you want to.