The MoveCube® - A Service that's Wanted Down Under

30 September 2014

Moving to Australia

There are many families in the UK moving to Australia these days. Why? Well, mainly the weather. Let's face it, they do weather better over there. Oh and the seafood is amazing. Plus you can get nicer-looking houses with swimming pools and built-in barbecues. Yes, moving to Australia has got a few things going for it to be sure.

The downside to emigrating to Australia is it has the potential of being one of the most stressful periods of your life. Anyone who has watched BBC One's Wanted Down Under will be aware of the turmoil involved in making such a big decision. There are a lot of key areas to assess before purchasing that one-way ticket to Oz and over the years, Wanted Down Under has put this into sharp focus by following hundreds of families from the moment they start packing their treasured possessions to the day they throw out their last sheet of bubble wrap.

Of all the key areas that need addressing before the big move to Australia, moving all your personal belongings from A to B is perhaps the least attractive. There's no avoiding the fact that it's a big job and requires a lot of time and money as well as plenty of manual labour. Luckily, Seven Seas Worldwide's MoveCube® service provides an ideal opportunity to reduce all three of these factors.

One hazy day in late summer, a young couple from Dartford decided that a MoveCube® would be the answer to their relocation problem. We joined them as they loaded their container - and we weren't the only ones.

Australian Removals.jpg

The crew from Wanted Down Under were also there, for this couple decided they wanted their adventure to be part of the long-running daytime TV series. 

A MoveCube® is a far more convenient alternative to the services of other shipping companies because it's a container inside a trailer. When the driver arrives at your address, he leaves the MoveCube® with you, allowing you to load up for around 4-5 hours. Once you've loaded the container to suit your needs, our driver will return to collect. The next time you see your belongings will be in an Australian MoveCube®, parked outside your new address Down Under. Sounds good doesn't it?

Today's stars of Wanted Down Under chose the Seven Seas Worldwide MoveCube® not only because of its smart approach to moving but also because we provide a personal service. We know how much pressure you're under relocating to Australia and we know that the simplicity of a MoveCube® service goes some way to lightening the load and perhaps creating a chink of light at the end of the tunnel. (That's a metaphor by the way - flying to Australia is better than tunnelling.)

With that in mind, we provide Seven Seas Worldwide boxes (specifically designed for long journeys), packing materials, a trolley for the heavier items and even a couple of traffic cones so you can mark out the space where you'd like the MoveCube® to be parked. Yep, we've thought of everything. Not many shipping companies do.

Moving House to Australia.jpg

The MoveCube® has already proven very popular in Australia and continues to grow in other countries including China, South Africa, New Zealand and Hong Kong.

And another pretty awesome thing about the MoveCube® is we can adapt it to suit your needs. So for example, if you’re moving to Australia out of a studio flat, the Medium MoveCube® is the option for you. If you’re moving out of a two bedroom place, we suggest choosing the Large MoveCube®.  

As the driver drove away to attend to another family in London, our couple from Dartford began loading the MoveCube®, filling the container with furniture, bicycles and assorted keepsakes, safe in the knowledge they would soon be whisked away safely to Australia.

We wish them well on their adventure and look forward to the episode airing on BBC One!

If you're about to embark on a similar journey, check out our website now and get a free quote to see how much you could save with our perfect solution to household moves.

Household Moves with a MoveCube®

24 September 2014

Household Moves

The MoveCube® is an innovative way of moving your items from A to B. Forget about the big, overbearing lorry and the nightmare scenario of cramming your belongings into your car. The MoveCube® is a container inside a trailer that we bring to your front door for loading. All you have to do is load it to your specifications. When it comes to household moves, there is no better method. 

After loading the MoveCube® we'll then collect and redeliver it to your chosen address whether that's the next town along or halfway across the globe. The beauty of using a MoveCube® for household removals is the simplicity. It's just a big box - a big box that you fill with smaller boxes. In fact, loading a MoveCube® is like playing a physical version of Tetris (except the boxes don't disappear).

Oh and should you require them, we also provide the cardboard boxes to help you load, along with parcel tape, marker pen and bubble wrap. And on top of that, we'll also provide a trolley for the heavier stuff and traffic cones to keep the parking space free for the MoveCube®. Yes, it's fair to say we've thought of everything. And that's what we need to do because in order for household removals to go smoothly, attention to detail is everything. Plus, the smoother the process, the happier you'll be to leave us in charge! Check out the website for more information about our most excellent solution to furniture removals.

Get yourself a free quote right now for household shipping via our brilliant freight calculator and see how much time, money and effort you can save with a MoveCube®.


Send Commercial Goods Abroad for Less with SeaPost

17 September 2014

The SeaPost Freight Calculator

Do you send commercial goods abroad on a regular basis? Well, that must certainly cost a fair of old whack. Have you thought about how to cut the cost of transporting business items overseas? We have.

The quickest method of sending goods abroad is by air but it's certainly not the cheapest. Providing you can plan ahead and work out a strategy, why not your freight cargo by sea? Seven Seas Worldwide's SeaPost service is a cheaper and greener alternative to sending goods by air. But that's not the only reason why you should switch.

SeaPost's weight allowances are higher which allows you to ship more for less. Plus, we also offer a door-to-door service so you don't have to transport your items to any specific collection point. On top of all this, we also provide heavy duty boxes specifically designed for these long freight cargo journeys. 

Oh and have we mentioned the method of transportation? It's quite something. Smaller consignments will be handled by our vans but larger consignments will be collected by our Commercial MoveCube®. We know what you're thinking: 'What the heck is a Commercial MoveCube®?' Well it just might be the vehicle that changes the way you think about sending commercial goods abroad - that's all.

The Commercial MoveCube® is a container inside a trailer that comes directly to you. All you have to do is load the Commeriail MoveCube® with your goods. Once it has been loaded to your satisfaction, our driver will collect it once more and transfer it to a secure depot until it is ready to be sent to your chosen destination abroad. It couldn't be simpler. 

To get a free quote now, check out our freight calculator and see how we can help you with your commercial shipment today.

Starting a New Chapter - Storing with a MoveCube

08 September 2014

Moving Home with a StoreCube

There's no way of sugar-coating it: If you're moving abroad, there's a lot to do. Every day thousands of people step on a plane, bound for a new home and a new life abroad. And many of them wonder how on earth they managed it. But with the right balance of preparation and level-headedness, starting a new life overseas can be achieved without the stress. One way of ensuring things do go smoothly is by employing a StoreCube™.

What makes moving overseas so stressful (for the most part) is the sheer logistical planning towards transporting every item in your possession from A to B. In some cases, these items also need to be stored away before they can be moved while you ensure everything is in place at the other end of the journey. The more companies you call in to deal with this transfer, the more complicated it will be. This is why Seven Seas Worldwide has developed a method of moving and storage that simplifies the journey - the StoreCube™.

The StoreCube™ is a container inside a trailer that we park outside your home - all you have to do is load it with your belongings. It also comes in three sizes, depending on the contents of your shipment. If you are faced with the problem of storing your items before they're moved to their final destination overseas, Seven Seas Worldwide can help. Before us, if you wanted to store your belongings somewhere safe, you would have had to transport it to one of those expensive, brightly-coloured self-storage facilities. Not anymore. A StoreCube™ can collect and store your items before then transporting them to your new address abroad. Just call us to arrange a time and date and we'll be there. It's like a taxi service for your belongings and it means never having to visit a storage facility ever again.

If you're moving abroad soon, the StoreCube™ could well be the answer to all your logistical problems. Give us a call or try our free quote engine. You've got nothing to lose.

Oh and good luck with the move!


The StoreCube - The Answer to Storing and Moving

01 September 2014

Storage and Moving

Let’s get this straight. The idea of moving home is exciting; the actual task of moving home is a pain-in-the-neck. So how do you concentrate on the exciting stuff like your new home, your new job and the new chapter in your life, and spend less time worrying about furniture removals?

At Seven Seas Worldwide, we think we may have the answer. It’s called the StoreCube™. The StoreCube™ provides everything you need for safe transportation of your items from A to B. But it does more than that.

Let’s say it’s logistically impossible to move from your old home to your new home on the same day. What do you do with your belongings in the interim? Well, this is why we’ve called it a StoreCube™. With a StoreCube™, we can transport your items to one of our secure storage facilities and store them there until you’re ready to move into your new place.

Now with most self-storage firms, you will need to hire a van or borrow a friend’s station wagon to transport your items from your old address to the self-storage building. This means not only extra expense but also the added strain of transferring everything from your vehicle to the storage space.

The StoreCube™ however arrives at your home inside a trailer. All you have to do is load it and we’ll take it away again. When you’re ready to receive your belongings once more, just arrange a time with us and we’ll swing by your new address for unloading. You’ll never have to visit a brightly-coloured self-storage building ever again.

Sound good? Of course it does. For more information about the StoreCube™, check out the website or get a free instant quote now and see what we can do for you.