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Sending excess baggage and personal items to the Netherlands? Talk to us about a comprehensive relocation service that collects, stores and delivers your items at a very affordable rate. Take a look at what we do and how we can help you ship to the Netherlands.

Here's a few reasons as to why we should be your first choice for shipping to the Netherlands: 

  • We offer competitive rates and a friendly team helping you every step of the way
  • Holidaymakers sending excess baggage through us means no hidden baggage charges at the airport
  • We've been experts in international removals for nearly twenty years
  • We have bases in the Netherlands to handle deliveries, pickups and storage
  • We cover all major cities including Amsterdam, Rotterdam and Utrecht
  • We wear bright red uniforms

International Shipping to the Netherlands

Our brand new website has a brilliant freight calculator so you can get a free quote right now. It's easy-to-use and tells you everything you need to know. We're here for every possible moving job including house removals, sending excess holiday luggage and storage.

Are you studying in the Netherlands and need help moving from the parental home to student accommodation? Perhaps you're moving abroad permanently for work? Or do you just have one suitcase too many for a forthcoming trip? Whatever the situation, we have a global network of depots in place to guarantee a smooth passage for your personal belongings, door-to-door.

Our team are here 24/7 to take you through collection and delivery whether you choose to send your belongings by air or sea. Get a totally free quote for shipping to the Netherlands today and see how easy your international shipping can be with Seven Seas Worldwide.

Things To Consider When Shipping To the Netherlands

Remember it's important to think about the items you're sending and whether there are any customs laws restricting or preventing you from transporting them. Here's a quick run-down of the prohibited goods:

  • Live animals
  • Meat
  • Fish and crustaceans
  • Dairy produce
  • Birds eggs
  • Vegetable products
  • Tobacco
  • Pharmaceutical products
  • Explosives, fireworks and similarly loud, pyrotechnic-type items
  • Products of the printing industry - books, newspapers, etc.
  • Obscene or immoral materials
  • Tools and cutlery

And here's a list of items which may encounter problems at Netherlands customs:

  • Animal fat
  • Live trees and other plants (sorry, you'll have to leave your trees at home)
  • Flowers
  • Potatoes and potato seeds
  • Edible fruit and nuts
  • Cocoa leaves and cannabis
  • Clocks, watches and parts thereof

Just to let you know, there's more, Netherlands is covered by our excellent MoveCube® service. The MoveCube® is a large container inside a trailer which can move the contents of a two-bedroom flat. It's a very simple process whereby we drop the MoveCube® off at your door, you load it up with boxes and we return to collect it again to take to your chosen destination. Easy. Click on the video below:

Worried? Stuck? Confused? Don't worry, we're here to help with every aspect of your shipping to Netherlands - get yourself a free online quote now or give us a call on 4001816698 to find out how we can make things easier for you.