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Let's make moving home as smooth as possible.

We won't sugar-coat it; moving house is stressful. Transferring every single item in your possession from one place to another, sometimes to another country? Eurgh. No wonder we only do it a handful of times in our lives. That’s why Seven Seas Worldwide wants to lighten the load. We’ve been in the business nearly twenty years, moving the personal belongings of hundreds of thousands of customers. We know what it takes to ensure hair stays in the scalp and toys stay in the pram.

If you’re moving home soon, take a look at the services we offer to make the big day a relatively smooth one. For instance, we're very proud of our MoveCube® service which parks your own mini container outside your door.  All you have to do is load the container with your boxes, bags and furniture. Think of it as a more exhausting but still satisfying game of Tetris. The MoveCube® will turn up at your address and, after loading, will then transfer to your chosen destination whether that be in another town, city or country. The International MoveCube® is on hand for those moving overseas and the Domestic MoveCube® is aimed at the customer taking a shorter - though no less important - journey.

If you are moving overseas then you should be aware of an important fact about us. We own and centrally-control our own network, so when your household is shipped in the MoveCube® it never leaves our network: safe and secure. With us, there is no calling a different shipping agent when you arrive at the destination who then gives you a whole new range of costs that you had never been told about. Our quote stands for the whole shipment.

When calling, you will always speak to a member of the Seven Seas Worldwide team from start to finish. We operate 24/7, 365 days a year. You can also view and control the process yourself online!

Sometimes it's impossible to move into a new property on the same day as leaving an old one and for those occasions, the MoveCube® can be stored while you wait. Alternatively, if you need more space at home, why not try a StoreCube™ to store your belongings safely and securely? It's a much more affordable option to self-storage. When you're ready to receive your belongings again, let us know and we'll redeliver them to your address - or to a new one, depending on your requirements!

Plus we've also provided a page on how to pack and a guide to our removals insurance. Peace of mind and all that. Oh and if there's something we haven't covered, check out our Moving FAQs.

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