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We’re very proud of our MoveCubes®. We think they’re a great leap forward in moving and storage. So if you order one, take care of it and pack it well, won’t you?

MoveCube® packing is an important part of this. If you pack your MoveCube® correctly, you’ll get the most out of it. Throwing your stuff in the back without thinking about how the weight is distributed will cause unnecessary strain on the MoveCube® and slow down your progress. So have a little think about where stuff will go.

The key with how to pack is to put the heaviest boxes in the middle and surround them with gradually lighter boxes. And think about space too – make the most of it. Treat the packing as if it were a longer, slightly more exhausting game of Tetris.

And remember the best way to pack your boxes:

  • Our Large Boxes are best for big but light items such as clothes, towels, sheets, pillows, etc.
  • Our Standard Boxes are designed for small but heavy items including books, hand tools, laptops, that sort of thing.

Place the Heaviest Boxes at the centre of the MoveCube® and as you move outwards, choose the boxes weighing from lighter to lightest.