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Sending personal belongings, gifts or other items to South Africa? Seven Seas Worldwide will collect from your current address to your chosen destination in South Africa. And because we're global, you'll be dealing with us from beginning to end.

Why choose Seven Seas Worldwide for shipping to South Africa? Fair point. Here's a few reasons:

  • Airlines hit you hard with excess baggage fees so take them out of the equation by shipping it with us
  • Shipping your goods keeps the cost down, plus it's better for the environment (though we do send items by air if it's a matter of urgency)
  • We have a strong presence in South Africa and bases throughout the world so we'll be with your items from A to B
  • We collect and deliver, door-to-door, at a time that's good for you
  • Get a free online quote for shipping to South Africa with our easy-to-use instant quote engine

International Shipping To South Africa

We provide a variety of services that will help you at every stage of your journey including shipping insurance, international money transfers, tax refunds and great options for shipping all over (as well as to and from) South Africa. Ask about our famous MoveCubes, great for storage (as StoreCubes), furniture removals (and moving anything big and bulky) and moving overseas. We can also handle commercial shipping and large international parcel delivery thanks to our fantastic SeaPost service. Amazing, eh?

We can ship to South Africa by sea or air, so call us now on 0800 21 66 98 and see how the Seven Seas Worldwide team can assist you.

Things To Consider When Shipping To South Africa

Here's a brief rundown of items restricted and prohibited by South Africa customs. First of all, these are the items that may cause delays.

  • Medicine. Customers cannot bring more than three months-worth of medicine for personal use.
  • Food, plants, animals
  • Dairy products, butter, eggs, etc.
  • South African currency
  • Unprocessed gold, coins, stamp collections
  • Endangered species (leave them at home please)

And here's a list of items that are, to use the technical term, an absolute no-no:

  • Narcotics
  • Unlawful reproductions of any works
  • Automatic weapons
  • Explosives and fireworks
  • Cigarettes with a mass of more than 2kg per 1000
  • Toxic substances
  • Prison-made goods

Just to let you know, there's more, South Africa is covered by our excellent MoveCube® service. The MoveCube® is a large container inside a trailer which can move the contents of a two-bedroom flat. It's a very simple process whereby we drop the MoveCube® off at your door, you load it up with boxes and we return to collect it again to take to your chosen destination. Easy. Click on the video below:

Worried? Stuck? Confused? Don't worry, we're here to help with every aspect of your shipping to South Africa - get yourself a free online quote now or give us a call on 4001816698 to find out how we can make things easier for you.